Mix up your routine with five tips from The Barre Code’s Cami Kirschner.

By Cami Kirschner, owner of Barre Code Austin, Photos courtesy of Barre Code Austin

The beginning of the year tends to come with a lot of change, new intentions and goal setting. Whether fitness has always been an integral part of your routine, you’re looking to change things up or wanting to dip your toes into a new workout plan, it is important to keep things interesting in order to stick to your goals. Here are five tips for refreshing your workout this year.

  1. Try something new. Constantly challenge your mind and body so you won’t easily grow bored. If you find yourself burning out in one class format or type of workout, try adding more variety to your routine. This month, The Barre Code launched its annual Resolution Remix, a great way to jump-start the year and try classes such as high-intensity-interval training and Brawl, a kickboxing class.
  2. Vary your workout routine. Do you always workout at the same time of the day? Simply mixing up your weekly routine can change the way you approach fitness. You might be surprised to find that by waking up early and getting a sweat session in, you’ll have more energy throughout the day. This may also allow you to enjoy a post-work happy hour without the guilt of missing your workout. If you are used to early morning workouts, try working out before bedtime. By simply giving yourself permission to vary your schedule, you allow your body to rest when it needs it.
  3. Schedule in advance. We live in a very busy world, and most of us are already overcommitted. Take time to look at the week ahead. Book classes early or block off your calendar for the dates and times you are planning to workout. By scheduling your workouts in advance, you will better be able to incorporate other forms of self-care as well.
  4. Reward yourself. At The Barre Code, we strive to live by an actionable eight, a philosophy that preaches taking moments to pause and celebrate small victories. If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, think about assigning a reward to an achievable goal, like buying a new pair of workout pants if you take 24 classes in eight weeks, or treating yourself to a manicure. You might be surprised that you focus less on the big picture and are more present in the day to day.
  5. Find a workout buddy. Working out with a friend can get you out of your workout rut, plus it will hold you accountable for showing up. When you find a workout studio in town or a class you like and go consistently, you also start to form a new community and expand your social circle.  

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