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Vitamins for Women at Every Age

Carly Pollack, holistic nutritionist, discusses the benefits of vitamins and supplements for all women. By Chelsea Pribble  Though vitamins won’t magically undo the damage from fruitless, nutrient-starved diets and…

Health & Wellness
Save The Nipple

Dr. Heather King is pioneering nipple-delay surgery in Texas and optimizing surgical and aesthetic outcomes for breast-cancer and high-risk patients. By Chelsea Pribble For Dr. Heather…

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The Truth about CBD Oil

A drop of CBD oil a day keeps the pain at bay. By Chelsea Pribble  Mistakenly associated with the high from the cannabis drug, CBD oil…

Health & Wellness
Five Ways to Stay Curious

Keep your mind sharp with these activities. By Chelsea Pribble  Despite the foreboding proverb, don’t let the grim fate of the cat kill your curiosity. Studying…

Health & Wellness
How to Make S’mores Healthy

Opt for this healthier and tasty s’mores recipe. By Lauryn Lax  S’mores—melted chocolate and marshmallows squished between two graham crackers—are a nostalgic treat perfect for a…

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