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How did TKC become the 2024 Cap10K race beneficiary?

It happened in a pretty serendipitous way! Jeff Simecek, the Statesman Cap10K Race Director, met Andra Liemandt at a local event here in Austin. Andra is the CEO and Founder of The Kindness Campaign® (TKC), and the two of them struck up a conversation. They were both passionate about health, Jeff spearheading a major fitness event and Andra leading a nonprofit dedicated to mental and emotional health. But sensing there was a growing need out there for schools and families to access mental and emotional health resources, Jeff was intrigued by The Kindness Campaign® and ways he could help. It wasn’t long before he approached Andra about The KindnessCampaign being the 2024 Cap10K race beneficiary.

What synergies are there between the Cap10K and TKC?

A mutual dedication to whole human health, for one. Cap10K has always been the race for everyone, no matter your fitness background. The goal is to get out and get active, while benefiting a great cause in your community. But interestingly, Andra has afitness background that pre-existed The Kindness Campaign®, and built fitness into The Kindness Campaign’s programming from the very beginning. One of the organization’s signature activations, for example, is the Enoughie Buddy® Dance Party–a program that gets children moving while teaching them emotional health vocabulary. Enoughie Buddy® is The Kindness Campaign’s mascot, and will be present at the race! Both organizations also share the value of community. The Kindness Campaign® creates emotional health curriculum that draws on four pillars: self-image, emotional awareness, empathy, and community. Community is the container for all health, from our relationships to our fitness goals. We accomplish nothing in a vacuum, but we grow and thrive as individuals when we’re connected to those around us.

What benefits does TKC get out of being the Cap10K beneficiary?

So many benefits, both immediate and lasting. The first and most obvious benefit is a financial donation, which greatly expands the number of schools, students, educators, and communities who receive The Kindness Campaign®. It can’t be understated how impactful this is: more support means more children growing up resilient and secure, with the skills to emotionally regulate, communicate effectively, support their peers, and contribute to their communities. In more concrete terms, this looks like at happier, thriving school campus. A child who now believes in themselves. An educator who has an easier time teaching, because classroom behavior is better and students are more focused. Another benefit is name recognition among race enthusiasts and local residents right here in Austin. While The Kindness Campaign® has an international reach (the organization worked with Ukrainian refugee children and their families in Budapest this year), not everyone in Austin is familiar with the work. It’s the hope that by highlighting The Kindness Campaign®, more folks will get behind the cause of accessible mental and emotional health support for all, spread the word about our offerings, and get involved by volunteering and participating in our work.

How will Cap10K funds raised for TKC benefit the community?

More schools right here in Austin, with a focus on Title 1 schools, will
get to enjoy The Kindness Campaign® at their campuses. Here are a few of
activations that The Kindness Campaign® offers:

  • PreK3-5th emotional health curriculum in the form of journals,
    interactive stories, and coloring books, which are TEKS-aligned to
    promote literacy, reading, and writing.
  • KindArt: visual arts programming geared toward affirming selfexpression.
  • KindMusic®: a songwriting platform providing work opportunities for
    independent musicians, while teaching emotional health skills to end
  • Enoughie Buddy’s Magic Mirror®: an interactive mirror that has a real,
    affirming conversation with anyone who sits in front of it.
  • Kind Leadership: a high school-targeted program that mentors
    young people with leadership skills and training, aimed at teaching
    communication, collaboration, and community impact.

How can runners engage with TKC on race weekend to learn more about TKC?

Come find The Kindness Campaign® at the race! Enoughie Buddy® will be there to cheer fans on, and our staff will have a shared booth next to Baylor Scott & White Health at the finish line to answer questions, sign up volunteers, and get TKC resources to your school or family. It’s also worth mentioning that the weekend after race weekend, The Kindness Campaign is hosting a Community Day and all are invited! The Art of Kindness Community Day is April 14, and is a family-friendly event with hands-on art activities, LEGO build stations, balloon art and face-painting, dancing, Enoughie Buddy’s MagicMirror, Story Time, live musical performances by groups like THEBROSFRESH & ZACH Theatre, and much more. It’s an amazing time and a great way to connect with your fellow Austinites! Tickets are available on-line and at the door.

How can someone sign up for the race?

Visit Cap10K.com! You’ll find everything you need to register and prepare for race day.


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