Human trafficking survivor advocate, filmmaker and entrepreneur Sophia Strother explores all the facets of who she is.

By Sophia Strother, Photo courtesy of Sophia Strother

Well, where do I start? Do I start with my transition into Austin in 2015, trying to find a new identity for myself after losing a very close loved one, for whom I was her full-time caregiver for two years? Do I start with the decision to become an employer with Amazon as a delivery service partner, employing almost 100 people and generating millions of dollars annually? Or do I start with getting my footing as a human trafficking advocate, taking my journey to the next level by becoming the statewide facilitator for the Texas Human Trafficking Survivor Leadership Council? Do I just stick to family and talk about the experiences that I’ve had as a mom? Or do I start with my love and appreciation for the arts and music in Austin?


The Austin metro has so much to offer. Whether it’s art, history, music, nature, food, tech or sports, you can find it all here in Austin. I feel it mirrors all of the different components of my identity. Since coming to Austin, I can say I’ve been so honored and blessed to do so many different things. It’s allowed me to be exposed and enlightened. Between creating my first film here, Love You to the Moon—which was co-written, produced and directed with my daughter, Le’loni Simone—and enjoying phenomenal concerts, theater and broadway shows, Austin has become a place I have affectionately called home.

It may not seem like much for you; however, for someone who was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, I cannot put the mantle down when people ask me, “Where are you from?” I have to always boast and brag about my East Coast roots; however, the longer I’ve lived in Texas—starting in 2005 in Waco, then transitioning to Austin in 2015—I now find myself saying, “Yes, I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, but my home is Austin.”

As a survivor, I just recently lent my voice to a project that asked the housing question. But I define a home as more than just where you lay your head. A home is a place where you can feel safe, seen and heard. I feel as though Austin has become that place for me, where I’ve been able to create environments that are conducive to a healthy and peaceful lifestyle for myself and my family.

Austin is where I found real love that doesn’t hurt, with the love of my life, Javvi. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced and endured some hurtful situations here as well. As my husband says, “We’ve had the best worst years of our life since 2020.” However, as a bonafide survivor, Austin has allowed me the opportunity to grow and conquer some of the greatest milestones of my life.

So now as an entrepreneur and the founder of L2E Industries, I make it my business to create an environment for my team where they can feel like they’re at home. With my partnership with Amazon, I’ve been able to create opportunities for individuals to buy their first homes, purchase their first new cars or simply be able to take care of their families. I’ve been able to help those who have been abused guide others to embrace their “now” and know they are not their circumstance. Living out this phase of my life is all about fulfilling my passion for helping others.

Since launching L2E Industries in 2020, we’ve been able to deliver over 4.5 million packages throughout Central Texas, contribute over $100,000 in philanthropy and touch hundreds of lives, and the best is yet to come.



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