Unveil the essence of Austin’s Lady Collective, where vintage meets empowerment, with sustainable treasures and a thriving community spirit.  


By Isabel Neumann. Photos by Joi Conti

In the heart of Austin, a vibrant and empowering vintage co-op called Lady Collective stands as a testament to the passion and vision of its founder, Ashley Sotolongo. Created out of a desire to support women on their entrepreneurial journeys, Lady Collective has become a haven for a diverse group of vendors, each contributing their unique aesthetic to create a carefully curated shopping experience. The women of this unique business delve into the origin of Lady Collective, the values that drive it and what makes the shop so special and unique. 

The name Lady Collective was chosen intentionally to convey the store’s commitment to offering a wide variety of vintage treasures without being confined to a specific theme. This commitment evolved to include supporting other small businesses, making it a perfect fit for the brand’s ethos. A key distinguishing feature of Lady Collective is its deliberate choice to exclusively feature women vendors. The shop aims to provide a welcoming and supportive space for female entrepreneurs. The environment encourages creativity, with each vendor contributing to the collective energy. 

For vendors like Cali Huffman, Dana Singh and Reagan Moore, joining the shop was a conscious decision driven by Sotolongo’s impeccable taste and the welcoming atmosphere she cultivated. The store’s emphasis on collaboration and the sense of belonging within the vendor community sets it apart from other spaces they’ve experienced. It is not just a store; it’s a community hub. Sotolongo wants to “help women find a voice within their specialized craft.” From hosting events and classes to organizing markets and block parties, the store actively engages with its community. 

Ashley Sotolongo

The idea for Lady Collective was sparked by Sotolongo’s belief in empowering marginalized groups, especially women. Confident in her abilities, Sotolongo sought to share her passion for vintage goods and support fellow female entrepreneurs. Her vision was clear: Foster a sense of community through collaboration rather than competition to create a space where women can showcase their businesses without succumbing to imposter syndrome. 

Lady Collective is a celebration of women of all ages and backgrounds. With a focus on inclusivity, the store caters to a wide audience, ranging from ages 16 to 85. The carefully curated selection of items reflects the individual aesthetics of each vendor, ensuring a diverse and eclectic shopping experience. Moore emphasizes, “Price point and style-wise, there is something for everyone. Someone coming in might find things they didn’t expect to be here. Collectively we have everything under the sun.” 

Lady Collective takes pride in providing a sustainable shopping experience. Hand-selected with intention, the pieces, ranging from furniture to fashion, bring a sense of nostalgia and a unique story to each customer. The focus on sustainability aligns with the values of the vendors, who appreciate the environmental consciousness of the business. “You’re not generating a ton of waste like everything else is,” says Singh. 

The collective has hosted candle-making, succulent potting, chain stitching, permanent jewelry and many more classes. “We love hosting local woman-owned businesses and giving them a platform to grow,” says Huffman, encouraging women to reach out to host a class. 

Photo by Isabel Neumann

Lady Collective stands as a shining example of how a vintage collective can be more than just a retail space. It can be a source of empowerment, creativity and community. Through intentional curation, sustainability and a commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs, Lady Collective has carved out a niche in Austin’s vibrant business landscape, proving that a carefully curated vintage store can be a transformative and inclusive experience for all. Lady Collective aims to facilitate an environment where people feel comfortable, connected and celebrated. The mission goes beyond financial success; it’s about creating an atmosphere where customers leave not only with a purchase but with a positive and memorable experience. “We’re all a piece of the bigger puzzle,” Sotolongo insists. “We can all help each other and promote everyone to try something new.” 

The sense of community The Lady Collective encourages extends beyond physical space. Vendors actively promote their brands and connect with customers through social media, particularly Instagram. 

The Lady Collective

Address: 4410 Medical Parkway 
Phone: 904.703.4838 

Ashley Sotolongo: @ladycollective___ 
Reagan Moore: @cherrypicked.home 
Dana Singh: @anastasiaswiftvintage
Cali Huffman: @henriehelen


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