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From the Desk of Kristina Gonzalez-Sander

After launching her podcast highlighting women of color, Kristina Gonzalez-Sander, the community builder shares what she’s learned. By Katya Bandouil, Illustration by Madison Weakley Kristina Gonzalez-Sander…

Breaking Barriers in Gaming

Kate Sȧnchez’s gaming community is changing the narrative in a male-dominated world By Delilah Alvarado, Photography by Vince Neonash Kate Sȧnchez on a Panel at PAX…

Uncategorized Patti Rogers - Lean In - Austin Woman Magazine - cropped
Lean In: Patti Rogers

Patti Rogers shares career updates since her 2013 cover story and how Rallyhood is transforming community. Photo courtesy of Patti Rogers Patti Rogers, the founder of…

Thinking Outside the Box

Entrepreneur Rachel Green is utilizing the subscription-box business model to empower women, one supportive tool at a time. By Lydia Gregovic, Photo courtesy of Rachel Green…

Proud To Be a Texan

Texas’ first lady, Cecilia Abbott, reflects on Hurricane Harvey’s sweeping devastation, the people who jumped into action and the power of coming together in spirit as…

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