Word on the Street is there’s a new Vintage Hideout in town, located in downtown Austin.


By Laurel Sanchez, Photos by Amaya Aztecatl

The Psych Sisters, Emma and Grace, embody the unique essence of the Austin fashion scene with their eye-catching style, which often features bright and fun colors reminiscent of the 1980s or psychedelic patterns that transport us back to the ’70s. These twin sisters never fail to turn heads wherever they go. But what truly sets them apart is their entrepreneurial journey. They turned their passion for vintage clothes into a reality, showcasing their unique eye to the world with the opening of Vintage Hideout, located in downtown Austin.

Upon entering this vintage store, which now resides where the beloved western thrift Full Circle Vintage used to be, visitors are immediately greeted with a comforting atmosphere that only a family-run business can provide. The twin owners, with assistance from their mother, treat every guest with a friendly warmth. Given their kin-centric business, it comes as no surprise that their love for vintage clothing began with their mother. “I think it started when my mom would take us to antique malls,” says Emma. “We would see little clothes there that we thought were really cute.”

Their love for classic old movies and modern musicals like Hairspray and Grease also played a significant role in shaping their personal style, which initially leaned toward the 1950s. Upon moving to Austin, they were exposed to more vintage clothing. Grace recalls that “this is where we bought some more of our first vintage stuff; it was really inspiring to see the people working and everyone wearing it.” In Austin, they discovered a newfound freedom in fashion, allowing them to mix and match pieces across eras for unique looks. Although the majority of their personal collection is from the ’60s and ’70s, their store features vintage pieces from the ’50s to the early 2000s.

While patrons get to see the finished product of their journey, it started as a simple love for vintage clothes and the desire to dress sustainably. “I know this happens to a lot of people who wear vintage,” Emma begins, “that you start collecting so much and acquiring a lot of clothing that you just fall into selling it.”

This is exactly what they did: They found themselves with an excess of clothes and decided to sell their vintage on Etsy. They combined their fashion-centric Instagram presence with their Etsy clothing page to reach a wider audience and expand their brand. While figuring out how best to promote their fledgling brand, they were also attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), located in Savannah, Georgia. They soon realized, like many successful entrepreneurs, that pursuing a college degree is not always a prerequisite for achieving success.


“If you look at the curriculum of the fashion school, it does not offer an entrepreneur class on how to build or run a business,” Emma reveals. “There was nothing like that. They instead want to streamline you into the fashion industry, working for another person. I wish there was more opportunity to learn about starting your own brand because that was our goal.” After completing a year at SCAD, they moved to Texas to focus all of their efforts solely on starting their business.

Austin is filled with creatives looking for a space to share their voice, art and passion. More importantly, it’s where they found a career that goes hand in hand with something that excites them. The Psych sisters, through a lot of effort and time, were able to build this for themselves. “In terms of starting a vintage store, you have to have a passion for it,” says Emma. “I feel like sometimes people think you can make a lot of money doing it, but you will never make that much. The reward comes in knowing you are saving the garments.

“If you are dedicated and work hard, you will be able to get to the point of having a real business. Sometimes it is hard, and you are your own worst enemy. It is a lot to pour yourself into a business, but it is worth it in the end, so don’t let fear stop you.”



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