Through her new podcast, Miles Bloxson both redefines Austin’s perspectives on entrepreneurship and preserves its legacy of Black business.


By Isabel Neumann, Photos by Mindful Media

Miles Bloxson is a distinguished radio host, prolific podcaster and visionary entrepreneur. As a prominent figure at Austin’s NPR music station, KUTX, Bloxson and co-host Elizabeth McQueen hold the reins of Pause/Play, a podcast illuminating the pulse of Austin’s dynamic live music scene. Beyond her broadcast endeavors, Bloxson is a catalyst for cultural dialogue, curating podcasts such as Black Austin Matters and Miles to Mogul that resonate with diverse audiences. Yet her creative pursuits extend beyond the realm of audio storytelling; she recently launched Black Austinite, a clothing line emblematic of her commitment to celebrating community identity.

Black Austinite carries profound personal significance, rooted in the Bloxson family’s history in East Austin. The tagline for the line, “Established on the East Side,” honors this history and preserves East Austin’s cultural identity. The origins of this tagline stems from the effects of Austin’s 1928 Master Plan, “an event in 1928 that moved all of the Black and Brown people to the East Side of Austin no matter where they were located in the Austin area at the time,” Bloxson elaborates. “I wanted something that resonated with those from that part of Austin, who’ve witnessed its evolution over time.”

Bloxson’s clothing line embodies her commitment to community empowerment. As multiple generations of her family live in the East Side, Bloxson expresses a deep desire to make them proud. By celebrating East Austin’s creative spirit, she aims to enrich the area’s cultural fabric. Through her designs, she reinforces belonging and pride among Black Austinites, ensuring their history and contributions endure. “I want to make sure that people still feel like they have a home on the East Side and that others recognize that we’re from here, we still have roots here and we belong here.”

Through Black Austinite, Bloxson aims to convey that Austin’s Black and Brown communities endure, deeply tied to their roots despite neighborhood changes. “We’re Black Austin, and we’re still here.” Her designs serve as a conduit for people to feel acknowledged, valued and linked to their heritage. This commitment extends beyond fashion, echoing themes present in her podcast Black Austin Matters, where she amplifies the contributions of Black individuals to the Austin community.

With Miles to Mogul, Bloxson interviews visionaries, creators and entrepreneurs, exploring their paths to success. Covering topics from daily routines to overcoming obstacles and sustaining motivation, each episode encapsulates a guest’s journey, like “Surround Yourself With Bosses” with J Soulja or “The Element of Excellence” with Alisa Rolle. “The themes are very dependent upon the guest, but it all comes back to success, growth and building who you are as a person,” says Bloxson.

The podcast aims to inspire listeners by offering insights and tools applicable to their lives. “I want to share information about the mindset behind success, especially with the Black and Brown community, because I feel like we don’t always share success recipes with each other because we’re in survival mode, just trying to figure it out.” Through candid conversations and poignant anecdotes, Miles to Mogul encourages individuals to pursue passions and strive for personal growth.

Reflecting on the podcast’s impact, Bloxson notes its diverse audience, spanning from young adults to seniors, emphasizing its universal appeal. The same topics are discussed with each guest; however, Bloxson insists that each episode explores “different perspectives and different lenses, so if someone doesn’t resonate with one episode, they might with another, and they are learning regardless.” By sharing stories of resilience and determination, she hopes to empower listeners to recognize their potential and chase aspirations.

Looking ahead, Bloxson aspires to leave a legacy of inspiration and empowerment in podcasting and through her clothing line. She hopes to instill the belief that dedication, passion and a positive mindset can achieve anything. “We can create our own reality; we can live the life of our dreams; everything is possible,” says Bloxson. “There is no limit to what you can do.”



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