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Left to right bottom: Emily Knight Brown, Kristin Armenia, Emily Lottman, Kelly Porter, Erin Lefton, Michele Aubry, Julia Hudson, Megan Gallagher, Eva Lovely, Maricela Delgado, Amy Brees, Maria Quiroz, Chelsea Bucklew, Emily Waldmann, Susan Laitala, Trisha Reaney, Jenn Herrera. Not pictured: Ali Clayton, Beatriz Saldana, Kristen Thorsen, Lesley Sanchez, Megan Colwart, Nicole Bertram, Rogene Buhrdorf, Sasha Doo, Susanne Patterson, Victoria Davis

Photo by Joi Conti Photography LLC

DEN Property Group prides itself on having built a team of dynamic entrepreneurs with a combination of experience, knowledge and passion for hospitality. With over 20 women on the team, the women of DEN are leading the charge to connect with and serve the Austin community. A mix of long-established Austin-area players, young up-and-coming agents and transplants who now call Austin home, these influential women carry a myriad of perspectives and a strong dedication to their relationships that empowers them to cater to all who come to Austin in search of a forever home. As Austin continues to evolve with an ever-changing skyline, these ladies are at the forefront cultivating a world-class experience for their clientele. The women of DEN are proud innovators paving the way for women in real estate, and much like their clients, they are here to stay.




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