It’s been an exciting 20 years at Austin Woman.

By Cy White, Illustrations by Jessica Wetterer


Austin Woman magazine Founder Melinda Garvey moved to Austin in 2001. Following a conversation with a close friend, she conceived of the idea of a magazine to highlight businesswomen in the city.


Austin Woman magazine has featured 243 different women on the cover since its inception in 2002, three of which included two women: Dixie Chicks co-founders and former members Martie Maguire and Emily Robison (September 2013), Seton Breast Care Center Co-founders Marcia Levy and Susan Lubin (October 2015) and co-founders of True Wealth Ventures, Kerry Rupp and Sara Brand (May 2017).

5 million

Over the course of 20 years, over 5 million copies of Austin Woman magazine have been distributed throughout Austin.

September 2003

On September 2003, Austin Woman magazine officially became full color. Previously, only the cover was in color, while the inside was considered newsprint, black and white.


In response to the pandemic, in the May 2020 issue 17 former cover women, including April 2018 cover woman Yolanda Conyers and January 2020 cover woman Brooklyn Decker, stepped in to support the magazine and reflect on their lives since their cover stories. Dubbed the “Lean In” edition, the issue made a statement that Austin Woman would continue to print an issue every month and that the women of the city continued to support the publication.



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