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Mantra Wellness, Tribe CBD + Cannabinoids, Grün Fine Herbal Goods | Founder and CEO

Photo courtesy of Mantra Wellness

As an indigenous woman (Ojibwe, White Earth Clan), celebrating natural wellness and plant medicine is not just a November occasion, but part of Reena Kaven’s everyday life. Almost 20 years ago, Kaven made a conscious shift from successful NYC securities attorney to entrepreneur in Austin, starting three local businesses, all focused on natural health. Currently, she is the owner of Mantra Wellness, a massage and skincare studio and wellness boutique. Mantra provides advanced muscle therapy and bodywork, natural skincare and, most recently, accessible Ayurveda. Kaven is also co-founder and CEO of Tribe CBD + Cannabinoids, an upscale cannabis store in Central Austin, offering a warm and welcoming environment to learn about, and shop for, plant medicine. After several years as a national speaker and educator on the use and application of hemp and adaptogenic herbs, Kaven also founded Grün Fine Herbal Goods and is currently formulating new blends to enhance women’s lives.



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