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MindBar: Learn, Share & Connect

After living through isolation and the negative effects of quarantine, MindBar helps their clients embrace healing through an immersive, unique therapy.

ATX Woman to Watch Kimberly Torres
Woman to Watch: Kimberly Torres

Kimberly Torres is the director of business development for NeuroRestorative, a rehabilitation service that treats brain and spinal-cord injuries. Sponsored Content, Photo courtesy of Kimberly Torres.…

ATX Woman to Watch
Woman To Watch: Lourdes Lucas

Founder of Esthetique Vogue Photo by Taylor Prinsen, Sponsored Content  Lourdes Lucas founded Esthetique Vogue with a commitment to provide high-quality concierge skin-care and makeup services…

Not Tonight, Dear

Testosterone-hormone-replacement therapy may reignite your sexual desire. By Jill Case Dr. Saima Jehangir says that three hormones are critical to a woman’s sexual desire: estrogen, progesterone…