Speaker, Direct-Sales Expert and Business Coach

Photo by Courtney Runn

Nancy Hopper was 5 years old when she took the giant silver microphone and recited a 26-verse poem entitled My Mother by Ann Taylor. She became a superstar and that built her self-confidence for the rest of her life. As the author of Who’s Behind the Curtain for You?, she began with a nun behind the curtain for her, making sure she did not miss a word in this poem. Hopper broke sales records for a company in the direct-sales market, one with sales of $2.5 billion a year, and she was top salesperson in the nation. Being a salesperson her whole life, she has been hired by Fortune 500 companies to save them in their sales decline, boosting them to be sold to other companies. An expert in building longtime business relationships, she was given her own radio show in Las Vegas called the Nancy Hopper Show. Once she spoke at a convention, she was hired by a company out of Canada to help lead out in the weight-loss industry in North America. CEO of her own company in weight loss, she is a professional speaker in the National Speakers Association and a sales expert in closing sales.



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