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A Chat with Sajni Patel

Fresh off the release of her debut novel, Sajni Patel talks representation in literature. By Trinady Joslin, Photo courtesy of Sajni Patel Sajni Patel’s book The…

Art From the Desk of Juli Berwald — Austin Woman
From the Desk of Juli Berwald

Writer Juli Berwald recommends five books that combine her love for storytelling and science. by Jennifer Xia, Illustration by Madison Weakley Juli Berwald never thought she…

Cover Women Jen Hatmaker against white wall
Lean In: Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker shares career updates since her 2015 cover story and how she’s leading a movement of liberation and self-care through her latest book, Fierce, Free,…

ATX Women to Watch
Woman to Watch: Kimberly Olson

Nationally renowned social-media expert Kimberly Olson created multidimensional brand The Goal Digger Girl to serves female entrepreneurs. Sponsored Content, Photo by Romina Olson Nationally renowned social-media…

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