Artist and Curator

Photo by Courtney Runn

As the daughter of a jewelry designer, Aram Amini was raised in constant exposure to the arts and developed a passion for painting early in life. Amini is a first-generation Canadian-American, and her hard work and academic path led her to health-care management. Though it was both a promising and lucrative career, she was unable to ignore her desire to create. With the encouragement of her husband, she undertook a massive leap of faith and in early 2017, decided to fully throw her life at painting. During this time, Amini founded Odd Design, an Austin-based art-services company focused on connecting local artists to commercial and residential spaces. Odd Design’s primary goal is to increase artists’ exposure while providing places like offices and restaurants with personalized, high-quality artwork at minimal costs. While Amini has made many sacrifices with her new career path, she’s learned they’re well worth it when you’re challenging yourself to build your own life.


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