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RaaS99 | Founder/Co-CEO, Chief Recovery Officer, Chief Strategy Officer

Photo by Joi Conti Photography LLC

We have a big problem: Cancer is rising, and medical professionals have less time to guide patients through the worst news of their life. What we are building offers immediate relief to the patient and their loved ones. Our solution, a smart navigator available 24/7 for free, is named Bridgit. Simply say “Bridgit Help” and she is there for you. Our co-CEO, Jeanne Teshler (center), is an international speaker on consumerism and digital health and leads the team of technologists, data scientists and passionate people to bring a better experience to the cancer fight. Cherie B. Mathews (left), a 22-year breast cancer survivor and founder of Healincomfort, represents the patient’s voice. Betty Hewell (right), fundraiser extraordinaire for impact projects in and around central Texas, leads our strategy team.



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