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Photo by Elyse Theriac
Katie Owen, Ashley Brueckner, Lana Macrum, Erin Schlachter, Marni Widen, Francine Bucio, Leslie Perrydore, Lizzie Raff, Faith Campana, Kerry Ugarte, Katie Bennett, Rose Bayeff, Carly Jenkins and Gaby Smith

JPMorganChase has long focused on the empowerment and advancement of female employees through its Women on the Move program. Building on that track record, JPMorganChase is now reaching externally to also focus on female clients, customers and the communities where representatives of the organization live and work. With roots in thousands of local communities and more than 300,000 employees (49% of whom are women), JPMorganChase is increasing its commitment to the success of women and girls in Austin and around the globe. The women pictured are just a few of the many women at JPMorganChase in Austin making a difference in our community.



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