Licensed Psychologists and Co-Owners of Prickly Pear Therapy and Training

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Clinical psychologists Josephine Serrata and Gabriela Hurtado are two bilingual-bicultural Latina psychologists. And co-owners of Prickly Pear Therapy and Training, a group clinical practice in South Austin. Their practice provides interventions that are understanding of experiences of trauma and various cultural identities. They believe in the ability of individuals to rise above their current distress. To heal and transform after having experienced distressing events. Their clinicians work to facilitate healing from painful emotions and memories through a collaborative approach centered on empowerment and hope. They strive to work with individuals in building a life that is balanced and fulfilling. Given their expertise areas, the Prickly Pear Therapy and Training practice also works in the Austin community with organizations to promote cultural humility and trauma-informed care. They also partner with various organizations to center well-being of their workforce. Especially for individuals who live at the intersections of diverse identities.



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