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Emerge Recovery TX | Clinical Intern

Photo by Joi Conti Photography

Alaska Ogden, a dedicated clinical intern and student of psychotherapy at Pacifica Graduate Institute, brings a wealth of experience to her work. With a dual Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and conflict transformation, Alaska has spent 12 years immersed in the field of substance-use disorders and harm reduction. Ogden works from a Jungian and transpersonal orientation, and her areas of focus are complex trauma, addiction and the development of personal mythos. Her approach is non-pathologizing, collaborative and empowering. She is currently practicing under the guidance of Andrea Shiftlet, LMFT-S, as she walks the path to licensure. In her work at both Emerge Recovery—a trauma program for women and recovery—and her depth-based consulting practice, Ogden weaves together the art of dreamwork, chthonic curiosity, mythic wisdom, archetypal insight and intuitive guidance. Her commitment to transformative healing is not only professional but also a deeply personal calling.



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