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Amanda Renee Communications | Communications Director

Photo by Joi Conti Photography

Amanda Bonilla’s journey as a woman defies norms and fosters empowerment. Through her unwavering authenticity, she not only levels up as an individual but also inspires women across Austin, Texas and beyond. In the heart of Texas, Amanda Bonilla stands as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging others to embrace their own distinctive paths. She’s a mother, a business owner, a communications director and a dedicated board member of two local nonprofits: Manos de Cristo and the Center for Child Protection. In a world often fixated on conformity, Amanda Bonilla firmly believes that unapologetically leveling up as a woman is an empowering act. Her commitment to living authentically not only enriches her own life but also fosters a community where diversity and individuality are celebrated. Through her journey, she inspires others to create a supportive environment where each person’s unique journey is treasured.


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