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Live the Austin Life | Owner and Designer

Photo by Joi Conti Photography

Cassie Perry is the owner and designer of Live the Austin Life where she redesigns yesterday’s furniture for today. After graduating with a degree in fashion design from The Art Institute of Dallas, her love for design and the arts really started to come alive. Living in Austin since she was 8 years old, the love for the city, the people and the way of life brought her to “Live theAustin Life.” At the end of the day, she is a dedicated family person. Lake days, dancing and family dinners give her the renewed energy she brings when redesigning each piece of furniture. Perry is an artist who when her customers bring her a few vague ideas, she fills in the rest. No matter if she is working on a family heirloom or vintage find, she takes pride in creating custom, one-of-kind statement pieces.



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