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What Is an Interventional Pain Doctor?

According to Dr. Pankaj Mehta, clinical president at Pain Specialists of America, “The priority of interventional pain management (IPM) is finding the root cause and interrupting the pain cycle. IPM is an ideal treatment for both acute and chronic pain and can be used to alleviate even the most complex source of pain.”

We believe it’s critical to listen to the patient, to go beyond the traditional doctor-patient relationship and create a partnership. Plus, no two people experience pain the same way, so personalized plans are critical. This is the purpose of the pain management specialty; it’s no different than visiting a specialist for any other chronic condition.

To describe what we do as “pain management” would be true, but it wouldn’t tell the full story. Yes, we provide pain management, but it goes much further than that.

We provide a variety of interventional treatment modalities to help manage or treat your pain by creating a personalized plan—no matter what the cause or source. We treat all types, from head to toe.

As Mehta says, “We partner with patients suffering from pain. We help them optimize pain control, enhance daily functionality and improve physical and psychological well-being.”

Conventional pain management includes medication treatments and over-the-counter medication to manage pain flare-ups, essentially any type of treatment that does not invade the body to alleviate pain. It does not address the root of the problem; it simply band-aids it.

Patients frequently come to us with multiple “pain generators,” which are sites of illness or injury that contribute to pain and suffering and detract from your quality of life. It is our job to identify the source of the pain and treat it at the source.

Pain not only affects you; it can also affect your friends and family and potentially your work productivity. It can impact every aspect of your life, from difficult physical exertion to everyday tasks, like tying your shoes.

Our Process

Our approach to interventional pain management begins with a conversation. We listen to your concerns and your needs, how pain is affecting your life.

“This is why a partnership is important,” says Mehta. Because if you don’t individualize the pain treatment for each patient, the outcome may not be as effective.

Along with our care team, we thoroughly process the information, imaging and diagnostic testing to determine a diagnosis. The diagnosis helps us determine the range of treatment methods to address your pain. We take the “S.A.V.E.” approach to your course of treatment: Surgery At the Very End. There are many less invasive options to help you regain a functional life. In fact, we have great partnerships with other specialties, such as orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, that we refer our patients to if that will get them the best outcome and most pain relief.

We create a “pain management ecosystem,” a complete program of the specialists, therapies and other elements needed to reach your goals. A vital part of this ecosystem is your involvement.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive approach to treat your suffering, to allow you to enjoy the quality of life you want.

We’re not limited to back and neck pain. We treat all kinds of pain, from headaches down to foot pain and neuropathy—and all points in between.

Interventional Pain ManagementServices

  • lower back pain
  • spine arthritis disease
  • sacroiliitis/SIjoint pain
  • spinal stenosis
  • headaches and neck pain
  • abdominal and pelvic pain
  • degenerative joint disease
  • prolonged postoperative pain
  • extremity pain
  • vertebral compression fractures
  • complex regional pain syndrome(CRPS)
  • other chronic painful conditions

If pain is disrupting your life, there’s hope. Our interventional pain management team helps you take control of your health by providing you with information and treatment options. It’s time to get your life back. There’s no reason for you to suffer. Visit our website at psadocs.com to see our patient’s stories, learn about our top-rated expert pain physicians and learn more about the services we offer. Our care team is ready to walk you through your recovery step by step. We provide expert pain care close to home.



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