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All photography is by Earl McGehee.

Blue Lapis Light’s Belonging Returns to the Historic Austin Seaholm Power Plant.

Blue Lapis Light, Austin’s site-specific aerial dance company, is proud to bring Belonging to the Seaholm Plaza this September. Belonging is an original site work performance that highlights the beauty of our earth and our relationship to one another.

The performance features aerial dancers on the Seaholm architecture with aerialists swinging from the stacks, ground dancers and projected imagery focused on the sustainability of our environment. This performance also has award-winning ground dance choreography featuring company soloists Anika Jones and Sunny Jun Shen.

“Blue Lapis Light has soared since the first performance we attended years ago. Sunday night was not just cohesive, consistent and striking; there were moments of sheer grace when, impossibly, one could almost hear the doors of transcendence creek open. Moments when one wished to embrace humankind at the sight of dancers in suspense, gliding across beams of light in seas of music…”—Blue Lapis Light fan Blue Lapis Light has been a part of Austin’s unique dance community since 2005. Known for daring performances on urban and natural landscapes, Artistic Director Sally Jacques and her dancers are known for creating movement and adapting to new spaces and edges at each new site work location.

Belonging opens Sept.14 and closes Sept.24, 2022. Tickets can be purchased at bluelapislight.org/belonging.



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