After living through isolation and the negative effects of quarantine, the importance of therapy has never been more apparent.

MindBar founders Hailey O’Neill (on left) and Barbara Nadalini-Priesnitz

By Monica Godinez, Photos courtesy of Mack Eveland

Caring and nurturing your own being is essential to balance. MindBar is a therapy studio created to help people “learn, share and connect.”

Founder Hailey O’Neill and Co-founder Barbara Nadalini-Priesnitz came together to create a network of group therapy that is “inclusive, affordable and accessible” to every individual. The goal is to create a space for group cohesiveness in an accepting and non-judgmental manner.  

The Intention of Group Sessions

MindBar should not replace a one-on-one therapy session. The founders intended for these therapy sessions to lead to open dialogue within a tight-knit community that each person can learn and grow from. MindBar is open to individuals as a safe space that enables you to connect with others searching for their place in this world. 

Manifestation Workshop

Manifestation takes on various meanings depending on the person and the environment. To Nadalini-Priesnitz, it is about “reimagining who you are and the world that you want to live in.” The manifestation workshop that took place during MindBar’s launch party was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Expressing vulnerability in a public setting with a room full of strangers was something I have never been comfortable with. So, you can imagine my surprise when Nadalini-Priesnitz asked the group to close their eyes and get in touch with the vulnerable and insecure parts of ourselves.


My feet were jittery with nerves, and I instinctively searched for the nearest exit. But her voice penetrated through the haze and panic that was bubbling inside of me. Within seconds, I imagined myself in an entirely different environment. I was transported out of the event space and into an area of security, warmth and comfort. Nadalini-Priesnitz’s voice resounded in the parts of my mind that no one else had ever accessed. Before long she brought the group’s attention back to her. 

It felt like only minutes had gone by. So when she told us we had been doing this exercise for over 10 minutes, I was genuinely shocked. This was a new and daunting experience for my introverted self. However, the comfort and serenity this therapy offered led me to research and explore more about what MindBar. 

What MindBar Offers

MindBar acts as a cost-effective experience for those looking to do group therapy. The classes consist of organized sessions categorized into various broad topics. You, your instructor and the other participants explore these topics in the 25- or 45-minute long sessions. While most of these sessions take place virtually, MindBar offers gatherings in-person each week. These events focus on weekly posted subcategories. MindBar has four different types of therapy class.

For more information visit MindBar’s website and Instagram.


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