Check out these Paleo-friendly meals and snacks for busy women on the move.

By Dr. Lauryn Lax

For some, eating healthy can be tough, especially when traveling. On the road, you may feel inclined to indulge at an all-you-can-eat buffet, and in fast-food meals and unhealthy airport snacks.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, and just as your body and brain are designed and wired to survive and thrive, you are capable of making healthy choices anywhere you go. Whether that means having a few of your favorite snacks always on hand or getting creative with any menu, balance can be achieved.

Because healthy eating is a lifestyle, going on vacation does not mean all willpower is lost. Simply do the best you can, don’t stress or overanalyze and come prepared. Remember that your body can handle some change and wants to work for you and not against you. When you live a lifestyle aimed at optimal eating choices, you won’t throw your system out of whack by going on vacation.

Quick Snacks for People on the Go

wild salmon

wild tuna

wild sardines

roasted organic chicken

kelp and seaweed snacks

kale chips

organic jerky (like Nick’s Sticks)

raw nuts and seeds

homemade trail mix

almond-butter packets

coconut chips

fruit leather

plantain chips


Bar Picks

Primal Kitchen bars

RX Bars

Bulletproof Bars

Epic Bars


Fresh Favorites

rotisserie chicken

hard-boiled eggs


celery and baby carrots

fresh fruit

cold-pressed juice

grass-fed Greek or goat’s milk yogurt cups

turkey or bison meatballs


Five Easy Travel Meals

  1. One packet of wild tuna, half of an avocado and plantain chips
  2. Canned organic chicken, a handful of raw macadamia nuts and kale chips
  3. Equip Foods protein powder in water and coconut butter on a banana
  4. Turkey or beef jerky, an apple with almond butter, cucumber slices and Seasnax
  5. Coconut-flour tortillas with turkey and avocado

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