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Halcyon Home | CNA–Caregiver

Photo by Sydney Vila

Sharing her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, Gena Hall began her career owning three small businesses, demonstrating the value of hard work, drive and dedication. After a sudden stage 4 cancer diagnosis, she swore to herself she would make helping others a true focus in her life. Halcyon helped her wish come true, standing by her side and offering her career flexibility and success, while affording her personal fulfillment to make a positive impact on others over the past six years in the role of CNA-Caregiver. Hall’s greatest accomplishment has been providing for her daughter’s education, now finishing her doctorate in physical therapy. Hall boldly shares, “I love Halcyon, and I’m not just spewing words! Diane, director of nursing, has been amazing, and the clients I have cared for have touched my life.” Halcyon would not be what it is without caregivers like Gena Hall demonstrating strength, resiliency, compassion and care daily.




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