Financial services professional

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn 

Amber Callahan never dreamed it possible to have her own holistic financial-planning practice. As a Navy veteran and PTSD survivor, she is no stranger to sacrifice and adversity. After battling a high-ranking Department of Defense predator against sexual harassment, she left a successful 16-year Navy career four years from retirement. While her offender was given a promotion and a medal after being found guilty, the Navy League Woman of the Year nominee chose to start a new mission in 2015. Today, she is determined to use her story to empower women to speak up, fight and survive. After two years as an associate financial representative, she launched her own financial-planning practice, and is pursuing her securities registration and completing industry designations in a male-dominated career field. Callahan is committed to serving others and helps her clients gain financial freedom. She’s a true decorated American badass. After traveling around the world three times, she proudly serves our amazing community with the support of her empowering husband. 


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