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On the Money: Finance 101

Jenny Hoff provides critical tips and easy trips to help you overcome your financial illiteracy and become a bona fide money genius.

How to Negotiate Your Salary

Nervous to ask your boss for a raise? Jenny Hoff shares advice for how to ask for what you’re really worth. By Jenny Hoff One of…

ATX Woman to Watch
Amber Callahan

Financial services professional By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn  Amber Callahan never dreamed it possible to have her own holistic financial-planning practice. As a Navy…

Small-business Road Blocks

Ellen Wood, co-founder and CEO of vcfo, shares how to avoid the most common financial—and non financial—pitfalls startups make. By Sommer Brugal, Photo courtesy of Ellen…

From the Desk of Jenny Hoff

The managing editor of Bankrate and personal finance reporter at cuts through the confusion of determining your credit score. By April Cumming, Photo by Kevin…

Security Blanket

How not to derail your financial future. By Shelley Seale, Photo by Johnny Stevens Angela Koch joined the Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve in 2003 and was…