Amanda Koziel is passionate about supporting women in leadership positions and helping them define their voice in the workplace.

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A native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Illinois, Amanda Koziel is the founder of The VIP Woman. With more than a decade in the sales and leadership-development field, Koziel identified a gap in the support and ongoing education for budding women in leadership in her industry. Six months ago, she launched a professional coaching and education platform, The VIP Woman. She’s no stranger to entrepreneurship, and her experience in running multiple franchises, along with coaching a sales team, has given her the background to get her driven clients results now, not later. Her passion is supporting women in leadership positions and those that aspire to leadership, to help them define their voice in the workplace and live a life of true visionimpact and purpose. Koziel is also a competitive ballroom dancer and loves spoiling her calico/tabby mix, Ginger, and scouring the city for the next guilt-free dessert.

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