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The Kindness Campaign | Kind Leader

Photo by Joi Conti

Aryana Dubey is a high school senior at Westlake High School and the creator of KindMind, a survey-based platform that evaluates stress, anxiety and mental health factors, then offers recommendations and resources for help. KindMind has an AI-powered chatbot that offers a listening ear and actionable tools for the user. “The chatbot can prompt the user to self-reflect so they can better understand what they’re feeling; then it can tailor advice to the user’s individual circumstances. For example, the chatbot could ask them about activities that make them feel good, then encourage them to go do those things.” Dubey was inspired to provide teens her age an encouraging tool they could access anytime, but to turn her idea into a reality, she piloted a leadership incubator with Andra Liemandt, founder and CEO of The Kindness Campaign. Together, the two developed Kind Leadership, a program that uses mentoring, meetings and materials to help teens develop Passion Projects.



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