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Elena Ionenko (Co-founder & COO)

Lisbeth Garassino (Head of Marketing)

Annie Janofsky (Marketing Coordinator)

Austin’s unstoppable women of fintech, Elena Ionenko, Lisbeth Garassino and Annie Janofsky, are three of the leading ladies behind the company TurnKey Lender. This Austin-headquartered fintech company is changing how lending is done around the globe. The unified lending management software powers traditional, alternative and embedded lending businesses in over 50 countries and growing. TurnKey Lender is a global technology company operating from strong, fearless women. Around the world, and in all seniority and departments within the organization, leading ladies play a critical role in the success of the business. The team at TurnKey Lender is on a mission to empower lenders to finance great things with intelligence and efficiency, while promoting diversity in the fintech industry, striving to create an inclusive environment and seat at the table for everyone.




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