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Jessica Noglows, Xeek Director

Christie Post, Senior Marketing Strategist

Chanda Steggell, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Alice Hildick, XCover Director

Studio X, powered by Shell, is a global innovation studio reimagining the future of work exploration. We’re a collective of scientists, engineers, creatives and entrepreneurs combining our skills to develop solutions for energy challenges. We recognize gender gaps are more likely in sectors that require disruptive technical skills. For example, the world economic Forum reports that in cloud computing, women make up 14% of the workforce,in engineering, 20% and in data and AI, 32%. From crowdsourcing exploration solutions to empowering new startups, Studio X knows the key to innovation is welcoming and nurturing diverse perspectives. Not only do women hold leadership roles in the company; they’re also a part of community organizations such as Dress For Success, Young Women’s Alliance and The Women’s Foundation, dedicated to advancing careers for women overall. We know together with these values we can work to create a more equitable world.




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