Board-certified Integrative Family Physician

Photo by Taylor Prinsen

Dr. Shelly Sethi creates solutions for her patients who want to improve their energy, lower their stress and perform at their best. A board-certified family-medicine physician, speaker, best-selling author of Built to Thrive and mentor, Sethi provides step-by-step clarity and a system for optimizing health. She is additionally certified in integrative and functional medicine. In her 20 years of practice, Sethi realized that people required a focus on nutrition and lifestyle treatments essential for recovery and wellness. Sethi dispels the myth that “bad genes” and age are solely responsible for ill health. In reality, daily choices, lifestyle skills and a healthy environment have a far greater impact on your health and vitality. In her Central Austin clinic, Sethi combines the use of genetics and lifestyle recommendations to create personalized solutions for her patients so they can feel their absolute best.



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