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SAFE | CARES Drop-in Manager

Siobhan Cook, human trafficking lived experience expert, serves as the drop-in manager for SAFE CARES under the incredible direction of Susanne Crane. A SAFE program, CARES is the only drop-in center for exploited youth in Central Texas. CARES provides trauma-informed, survivor-led case management and advocacy while establishing a safe space at their drop-in center for the youth to be youth. Cook’s lived experience, in collaboration with the expert staff, informs the many services and offerings of the Drop-In center to ensure youth have a safe space to navigate their challenges. Cook knows her clients are the experts of their own experiences. Her goal is to bridge the gaps in services to support their unique needs and goals. She aims to educate and inspire creative approaches to services by establishing relationships and elevating survivor voices. Locally, Cook hosts training opportunities that inspire proactivity in supporting sustainable survivorship efforts.



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