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HopeAustin | Founder/ Executive Director

Photo by Joi Conti Photography

Monica von Waaden is the Founder and Executive Director of HopeAustin an organization endeavoring to ensure all Central Texas students are well nourished for health and best learning outcomes. Growing up in the border town of El Paso Texas with a mother as an educator serving in very impoverished areas and an electrical engineer father, the family was no stranger to having extra children in the home for meals and extra help with homework. Monica says “I learned very early on that lending a hand up to provide opportunities to others was to be a lifelong mission. Monica as a special education teacher and then an attorney running a domestic violence unit; loved helping those in need of support that empowers, creating dignity, hope and respect of self, which can change lives. Upon becoming an empty nester Monica founded HopeAustin an All Volunteer nonprofit bringing community together with the hopes of helping children in need of nutritional support. Firmly rooted in her endeavor, HopeAustin serves Opportunity Through Food Security.



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