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Verizon | SVP and Chief CSR Officer

Photo courtesy of Verizon

Raised by generations of successful women entrepreneurs, Rose Stuckey Kirk realized from an early age the importance of entrepreneurship to the economic growth and stability of her own family and the communities around her. After several years as an award-winning journalist and corporate executive, Kirk took the helm of Verizon’s responsible business efforts. In this role, she led the creation and launch of Citizen Verizon, a responsible business plan that leverages the power of technology to address pressing social challenges among under-resourced populations. Citizen Verizon helps uplift communities and cities—like her own in Austin—through innovative education programs and game-changing entrepreneurship tools. Most recently, she spearheaded the launch of Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, a free online curriculum that includes over 30 courses, mentoring and networking to help small-business owners and entrepreneurs use technology to stabilize and thrive in today’s ever-changing economic landscape.




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