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Owner, StretchLab

Rachel Stanley Woman to Watch

Rachel Stanley has a passion for helping her community live a healthier lifestyle. Since 2018 she has opened three assisted-stretching studios, StretchLab Westlake, South Lamar and Mueller. Your body spends the day trying to hold you together. StretchLab launches you back into your life with a newfound energy that comes from your body moving and feeling exactly the way you want it to. Having an increased range of motion and a properly balanced body will increase your performance not only in physical activity but your daily routine as well. Everyone has reasons for needing to live a healthier, more flexible lifestyle. Whatever the goal, a consistent assisted-stretching routine will get you there. Stanley’s goal is to be able to keep up with her 2-year-old and 9-month-old baby girls. She is so excited to help others meet their flexibility goals through stretching.




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