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CEO, Equity and Inclusion Consulting

Joy L. Wiggins, Ph.D. is a TEDx speaker, writer, professor and facilitator who promotes racial and gender justice through compassion and open dialogue to ignite equitable, empowering and transformative business practices. Wiggins offers executive coaching, strategic planning, leadership programs, workshop facilitation, keynote speaking and is known for moderating sensitive topics on race and gender. Based on her co-authored book with Dr. Kami Anderson, From Sabotage to Support: A New Vision for Feminist Solidarity in the Workplace, Wiggins has facilitated over 300 workshops, speaking engagements and has emceed and moderated events around power, privilege and oppression in all forms. She works with corporate, nonprofit and government clients and is featured in numerous media outlets, podcasts and corporate magazines including NPR, WhatcomTalk and in CEOWORLD magazine. She’s on the board of Austin Women in Technology and volunteers with the Girls Empowerment Network and the Embody Love Movement.




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