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PNC Private Bank | VP, Senior Investment Advisor & VP, Banking Advisor

Photo by Joi Conti

Christine Dormier, vice president and senior investment advisor, and Jessi Griffin, vice president and banking advisor, play key roles as PNC’s local Women’s Business Development Market Champions, taking ownership for driving PNC’s commitment to women throughout the Austin market. As part of this role, they are both Women’s Business Advocates, employees especially committed to supporting the achievements of female financial decision-makers, including women who own or run businesses. Women-owned businesses are among the fastest growing business segments in the U.S, and the number of wealthy women is growing faster than that of wealthy men. Women who make financial decisions can benefit from having a financial advocate who understands them. However, many women still feel invisible in conversations with their financial institutions. PNC’s Women’s Business Advocate program aims to understand how to help women financial decision-makers succeed. More than 5,000 PNC bankers proudly call themselves advocates.



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