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Women to Watch: Hannah Allen

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Hannah Allen, realtor associate at Todd B Realty

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Hannah Allen was born into a family of connectors. As a child, her family home was open to all visitors. It eventually morphed into the Colcord House Bed and Breakfast. The experience of meeting travelers from around the world opened her eyes to many different perspectives. With a major in psychology and a family of mentors and advisors, her interest developed into counseling the most difficult human issues. Allen prides herself on her ability to help guide clients to their new homes. This fuels her position as a high-producing realtor. She doesn’t help just clients to their new homes. Allen simply helps people.

She also hosts “Kitchen.Table.Heart,” her cooking show on YouTube, where she invites top chefs and raises money for various local nonprofits. “This project combines my passion for food, feeding people and engaging my audience with worthwhile charities. I love putting my diverse passions all in the same place.”


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