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Deli Aroma LLC, Clinical Aromatherapist

Grounded by pharmacology, Fai Chan’s specialties are in the healing of psychiatric/neurological issues, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and anti-aging. Deli Aroma is dedicated to holistic healing protocols and research. Her clinic administers a variety of treatments. In 2018, she started to give seminars and speeches at international conferences. She has published articles with leading international journals. She has also written three books in China that all reached number one. Her recent work on Alzheimer’s healing, which gave insights on when conventional medicine should intervene in so-called all-natural protocols, got published in a Drug Designing Journal. Chan believes that knowing when to advance and break through in one’s career is very important. It raises your status and also makes you a pioneer in the market. “Everything in this world must be willing to outcompete others to survive, or coexist in peace.”




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