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Women’s Nutrition Clinic | Registered Dietitian

Photo courtesy of Ali B Photography: Ali Burgoon

Eleni Ottalagana is a registered dietitian, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and reiki master. In her private practice, Women’s Nutrition Clinic, she specializes in women’s health and polycystic ovarian syndrome. More specifically, she supports women to make nutrition and lifestyle changes using integrative health tools and functional nutrition approaches. Ottalagana is passionate about shifting health care for women and works to empower females when it comes to advocating for their health. Wellness isn’t just a job to her, but a way of life. She has traveled around the globe to study various diets, sustainability, plant medicine and to immerse herself in different food cultures. As an educator and professional in the wellness space, she commits to providing sound and impactful nutrition education. She continues to work toward marrying the principles of healthy living and eco-conscious living through client care, online platforms, speaking engagements and volunteer work.




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