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By: Evan Ingold and Alyssa Mason

Innovative design comes in many forms and is present everywhere you look. From an architect envisioning a brand-new building to a furniture craftsman sculpting a sleek contemporary silhouette, innovation comes from an alluring idea, curiosity and the desire to bring to life something that’s uniquely yours. Not only is innovating productive and energizing, it’s also fun.

Adding key statement pieces and bold accessories can infuse new life and energy into your surroundings. In home design, innovation can be as simple as bringing new colors and textures to your space, creating both visible and palpable change. Here are three ways to get started on innovating with color.

Selfy Modular Sofas by Egoitaliano. Pictured colors and configurations pictured are available by special order.

1. Take stock of your style.

Whether your theme is warm woods and sophisticated neutrals or cool tones and concrete, start by finding a space that could use some color or contrast. If you were to choose a texture or color scheme you’d like to incorporate and stick to that palette, you’d be surprised at how well everything fits as you add new pieces. The most important thing is that your space works for you, so don’t be afraid to update or change direction as your needs and tastes change. Copenhagen offers special orders on a variety of brands and products so that you have the power to fully customize your furniture and color scheme.

2. Choose a statement piece.

A good statement piece like a sofa, loveseat or sectional sets the tone for the rest of your living space; whether you choose to focus on color, shape or texture (or even all three), the main piece is where it all begins. For example, a modular seating arrangement like Egoitaliano’s Selfyallows you to fully customize the configuration and color to suit your space. You can order Selfyas an L-shaped sectional or as a power motion recliner, or choose to upholster it in leather, microfiber or fabric in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

If change is challenging, you can look at it as a journey to adapt your space to your lifestyle needs. If you’re not quite ready to part with your neutral sofa, your statement piece can be a coffee table or side chair. For instance, the Atari XL coffee table by Cattelan Italia pairs a minimalist rectangular top with a bold star-shaped base in Canaletto walnut that draws the eye. Living room chairs, from retro silhouettes to contemporary designs, often come in a range of bright colors to complement your sofa or sectional. Choosing two statement pieces with matching colors or textures can also help create a cohesive design environment that you’ll look forward to coming home to.

3. Go bold with accessories.

Accessories can make a big difference when used to offset a bold color choice or to accent a neutral palette. Make your living space feel like your own with sculptures, art and bowls (small or large) that you love. With personalities bigger than their size, Copenhagen’s Ambienti sculptures pay homage to the diverse forms of the female figure and add chic style and vibrant color. If your room already has bold, bright colors, then a subtle rug can help create balance without clashing. If your walls are looking a little bare, picking an art piece or mirror that incorporates the colors you’ve chosen can help tie the room together. When in doubt, a throw pillow or two can work wonders. Copenhagen’s art pillows depict the work of celebrated artists like Miró and Picasso, bringing bright hues and timeless art to your sofa. Collect your favorites so you can feel like you’re going to the art museum (without the crowds).

Innovating with bold colors and intriguing shapes doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re dipping your toe into design or ready to make a splash, our team at Copenhagen is here for you. Visit Copenhagen’s Austin showroom at 2236 W. Braker Lane to experience the comfort of great design. Check us out online at copenhagenliving.com.



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