An orthodontist and the owner of Sing Orthodontics, Dr. Yashu Singh is passionate about mentoring young professionals in her field.

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Dr. Yashu Singh, the orthodontist and owner of Sing Orthodontics, has treated thousands of children and adults in the greater Austin area. She has grown her practice into one of the largest orthodontic companies in Central Texas and is recognized as a leading Invisalign provider. Singh spends much of her free time mentoring young professionals in the dental field on how they can better grow their careers. “Many students don’t receive business training in dental school,” Singh says. “I want young orthodontic professionals to know how to navigate their profession so that they don’t have to choose between their career and family life.” Singh has orthodontic practices in Round Rock and Lakeway, Texas. Singh enjoys seeking out challenges and creative opportunities and implementing new and proven technologies to advance the science and art of orthodontics to achieve spectacular smiles.


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