Amber Glassman co-founded Bryan Anthonys to empower women through fashion.

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In 2015, Amber Glassman and her husband, Ed, created Bryan Anthonys, a lifestyle brand focused on blending fashion with a purpose. Bryan Anthonys was named after Glassman’s brother, whose young life was tragically taken by bacterial meningitis. The brand was created in honor of him, with the hopes Glassman and her husband could encourage others to make life meaningful. Since starting the company, they have grown their business exponentially. With Glassman’s background and love of writing, they have been able to establish a unique niche in the fashion industry. A powerful-message card accompanies all Bryan Anthonys designs. This has allowed the couple to connect with their customers on a profound level, generating meaningful relationships that exceed industry standards. Glassman and her team continue to help inspire and empower women throughout the world. By consciously offering purposeful designs, they have helped women create, share and live their own stories. They also continue to make an impact in their community through their philanthropic partnerships locally and nationally.


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