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Jeri Sue Plaxco, D.O.; Erin Winston, M.D.; Harpreet Talwar M.D.

Local physicians providing world class care. Most of us do not consider who interprets our mammogram; we are just relieved to have the experience out of the way. For comprehensive care in breast health, we invite you to meet the women of Austin Breast Imaging. Erin Winston, M.D.; Jeri Sue Plaxco, D.O.; and Harpreet Talwar, M.D.are experts in all matters of breast health. Through training at the UTMD Anderson Cancer Center and Moffitt Cancer Center, they are pioneers in mammographic techniques not offered by other imaging centers. Unlike radiologists who read a wide variety of diagnostic studies, our doctors focus solely on breast imaging, enabling them to provide a higher level of expertise and knowledge of various breast health issues. Whether you need your annual mammogram, diagnostic mammography, a biopsy or simply want a second opinion, we’re here for you. Schedule your visit today.




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