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She Spies Private Eye, Inc. | President

Anji Maddox is the owner of She Spies Private Eye, Inc. In her younger years, she realized she wanted to be an investigator of some type. Maddox has a two-year degree in law enforcement and a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. She became a juvenile probation officer after graduating and realized her passion for helping youth. After seven years in the profession, she eventually met a private investigator. This perked her interest. She opened She Spies Private Eye in 2003, a full-service investigations company that specializes in domestic matters such as infidelity and child custody. Maddox has received recognition for being one of the top private investigators in both Austin and Dallas. Recently both Fortune and Forbes magazine named her one of the top six powerful women in Austin. She is a member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators.




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