Dr. Tracy Carver specializes in counseling for self-esteem, anxiety, depression and addiction.

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Psychologist Dr. Tracy Carver, a University of Texas graduate, specializes in counseling for self-esteem, anxiety, depression and addiction. After successfully running her own business for three years, she recently accepted the position of clinical director at Austin Professional Counseling. She is honored to join a team of compassionate therapists offering the very latest science-based approaches to psychotherapeutic care. She believes wholeheartedly in APC’s mission of destigmatizing mental-health care, providing education to the community and delivering the highest standard of psychotherapeutic services. With a flexible and collaborative style, Carver helps her clients find solutions to their problems and achieve lasting, positive change. While highly knowledgeable, she has a down-to-earth demeanor and a relaxed, engaged presence. She believes therapy is one of the best ways to shift the language we use to describe ourselves, overcome the mental roadblocks keeping us stuck in self-defeating patterns and cultivate a more peaceful mind.



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