Texas Disposal Systems is keeping Central Texas clean by recycling Christmas trees free of charge beginning Dec. 26.

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Most likely, recycling is not at the top of your mind during the holiday season. But it should be. During this time of year, waste generation peaks. Bubble wrap, ribbons and other decor create towering reminders of holidays past in landfills throughout the country.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, people create 23 million extra tons of waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. That’s close to the same amount of food waste the United States produces in an entire year. It’s time to make a change. As 80% of holiday waste can actually be recycled, let’s learn how we can protect the planet this Christmas.
It’s refreshing to see organizations and municipalities taking steps to help our environment, especially during the holiday season. Wreaths Across America Austin focuses on making its event a truly green endeavor.
The National Wreaths Across America Day ceremony honors veterans and fallen soldiers by placing wreaths on their graves. After the event, the wreath shipping boxes and balsam-fir wreaths are sent to Texas Disposal Systems’ facility to be recycled and composted.

This year, give Mother Nature a gift.

Instead of throwing out your recyclable holiday decorations, turn to Texas Disposal Systems. TDS is one of the largest independently owned waste-collection, processing and disposal companies in the nation. It has been at the forefront of recycling and composting education for more than 40 years, teaching Central Texans how they can better help the environment. For the past decade, TDS has done its part by offering Christmas-tree and organic-decoration recycling free of charge throughout Austin and San Antonio. From Dec. 26 through Jan. 31, TDS will accept unflocked (free of artificial snow) trees, holly, pumpkins and other ornament-free living decorations at its Christmas-tree collection sites. TDS will provide curbside pickup for certain neighborhoods as well. So before you throw out your tree this year, remember TDS is here to lend a hand.

When dropping off your compostables at the collection sites, be sure your items are free of lights, ornamentation, metal and other non-living components, or a cleaning fee will be charged. Also, when bringing loads for drop-off, make sure you tie an secure the material, per Texas law.

What happens after you drop items off at TDS’ collection sites? Once sorted, TDS repurposes your holiday items into nutrient-rich mulch and compost through TDS’ composting division. The finished products will then be available for purchase at Garden-Ville stores throughout Central Texas.
In addition to recycling with TDS, think about ways to reduce your carbon footprint and waste production at home. When wrapping holiday gifts, use recycled paper, save and reuse holiday bows and try making your own packing materials.

Fun facts:

If we all reused just two feet of ribbon, the miles of ribbon saved could wrap a bow around the entire planet. And if every family wrapped three presents in recycled or reused materials, they could save enough material to cover 45,000 football fields!

There are many ways to do your part this holiday season. Don’t be a Grinch. Get recycling.

What TDS Will Accept:

  • unflocked Christmas trees
  • pumpkins
  • holly
  • other living holiday decorations

What TDS Will Not Accept:

  • wrapping paper
  • cellophane
  • bows
  • plastic
  • bubble wrap
  • ornaments
  • holiday lights

For more information and a list of Christmas-tree collection sites,
visit texasdisposal.com/christmas-tree-recycling.



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