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Woman to Watch: Fanya Randall

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CEO and KINDNESS Activist


Wife, mother, CEO, author. Fanya Randall wears many hats, but one particular incident changed her entire mission in life. Her son, who is diagnosed with autism, has been a target for bullies. One night, her daughter said that an older kid on the playground kicked her brother in the head and called him weird. In that moment Randall knew she had to do more for her son. She left her medical career and started a coffee company, Now Coffee Grounds For A Cause, which gives 50% of profits to mental health and anti-bullying curriculum for schools. Randall believes mental health and anti-bullying education is as important as English and math. Her goal is to have all schools establish this education year-round in hopes that bullying and suicide rates will decrease. Are you brewing kindness? Check them out online to purchase freshly roasted, organic coffee and help make an impact.


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